Corpus Christi Duathlon, April 18th, 2010

Gorgeous Corpus Christi was host to my next race.  The Corpus Christi Triathlon/Duathlon

I was not quite ready to tri a triathlon as yet.  Had not been in the water in YEARS, and was still trying to get my bike mojo.  I actually rode it a few times (7 times!  Go me!) before this race, so was a bit better prepared.

The Duo was a 3.1 run, 18.6 bike, 3.1 run along the bay down Ocean Drive from Cole Park. 

Since this was so close to home, prep time was easy day.  Got up, had my normal espresso, a banana and some Powerade then took off.  My sag support this time was my 12yo, and he also doubled as camera man. 

Got there at dark thirty, and got checked into transition.  I was using my trusty Cannondale SR600 again.  The bike has been through almost 20 years of abuse and is still rolling. I got a few raised eyebrows amidst all the aero bikes and new sleek road bikes….almost “are you SURE you are riding this?”.   Um, yeah.  It’s all I’ve got. 

I was nervous at the start.  The run is still my weakness, and I was going to be running alot today.  Sure, I finished Enchanted Rock, and it was a bear, but the bulk of the running was up front before the ride, and I was apprehensive about 3.1 miles following an 18.6 mile bike with a strong headwind coming back.  The wind along the coast usually is quite strong and you can usually count on wind blowing @ 15mph + in Corpus.  We don’t have the hills here, but we have a formidable training partner via the wind.  She can turn your legs to jelly and can wipe you OUT.  The plus side is, because of the wind, you get iron legs. 

First leg was not too bad for me.  At this point in my training, I was running pretty slow, and the run wound through Cole Park. There was one hill that lead up to the path along Ocean drive, but it wasn’t too bad for the first run.  I ended up running it in 33:27 @ 10:47mph.  Very slow, but I was good with slow.  I was still feeling this out and teaching my body how to move like it had not in 20 years.

Transition 1 time: 1:29.

Got on my bike and hit Ocean Drive with a nice tailwind.  Tore downwind and passed a ton of people. My bike has always been my strong leg.  The wind had really picked up by this point so I guess I was averaging around 19-20mph with short bursts higher.  The roads were well supported at the intersections by police, so you could fly through without any issue.  Got to the turn around and slammed into a nice headwind.  Slowed down considerably, but still passed quite a few duathletes and some of the triathletes (people were asking “OMG, is it always this windy here???” as I would pass. Answer: “yes..and then some”).  Took in a Razz Clif Shot and had some Powerade.  Here I would like to add that Powerade would prove to be a real downer for me.  Although I was able to refuel with it, in hindsight and after months of training and racing with it, I discovered it KILLED my runs.  Yeah, I got a boost from it, but it sent my stomach into terrible cramping each and every time. More on that later. 

The last bit of the bike, I was pooped and ready to get off and run again.  I finished the bike in 1:06:01.  This was 1st in my age group, 4th overall Female, and 12 overall male/female.  Not bad for only being back on it for a month. 

Transition 2:  1:31.  I obviously took my time for both transitions! LOL! 

Run 2 was tough for me.  Same loop course, but the hill had me walking up it. I was sooo tired.  I did this leg in a very slow 34:12 with an average pace of 11:02mph.  Blek. 

Overall impression with the race was it was well supported and I felt very safe on the bike.  Redemption Race partnered with STARRS for this event, and they always do a great job. They are seriously my favorite race production group here in Texas. 

I ended up with a total time of  2:16:41 and placed 2nd in my age group and 7th overall.  Not bad for my second event.  This year, 2011, I plan to do the triathlon.  The swim is in the bay, and can be quite tough with the wind.  Hoping for a calm, glassy bay again this year.  The event will be on May 15th and I plan on smokin’!

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